One shoe off

January 22, 2009

Welcome back, your dreams were your ticket out …

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At this very moment I’m in a Holiday Inn Express in Joliet. Tomorrow morning I pull back into Chicago, almost a year later than I had originally planned. In less than 2 weeks it’s back to school with me. This is a veritable treasure trove of wootness. The only un-woot: Judy dog is back in Oklahoma, which is very, very, very sad. She just stared at me with her big brown eyes this morning when I was leaving. It was just not feasible to bring her up here right now, plus she and my grandma are incredibly attached, so it’s probably for the best that she stay there for right now. Grandma could use the company. It’s good for her, and I think Judy would be distressed being separated from her.

In other news … in the past couple of days I’ve gotten very nice, supportive notes from extended family members who’ve learned about my gayness via various online social networking sites. I never imagined a time when my extended family knew about my sexuality, mostly because I’m not terribly close to my extended family … not for any sinister reason, just because growing up overseas I never saw them that often. But also because that side of the family is lousy with Baptistesque preachertypes.

But anyway, it was nice. Being back in Illinois was also nice. Dad and I dined at Outback (gag) and they offered us free samples of beer. When does THAT happen in Oklahoma?

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