One shoe off

About Liz

Liz is a third-year fourth-year M.Div student at Chicago Theological Seminary who’s found that her words have gotten her into trouble on more than one occasion. She’s a burgeoning anti-consumerist anarchist who loves kale, books, her vintage Huffy cruiser and theology. Liz believes strongly in wasting-not, in people over things and in an angry, angry Deity.

Liz is also a disgruntled government employee dedicated to improving employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities. Committed to seizing the system by the cojones and making it work hard to lift people out of poverty, and helping the disillusioned learn the ‘secret’ rules that navigate the bureaucracy

Oneshoeoff started out as a school assignment — a theological-political blog — but it’s shifting a little in focus (although both the theological and political will make an appearance). Stay tuned for thoughts on disability, diversity and the view from inside the employment office.

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